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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Run Rabbit Run

Thanks to my generous investor, Aunt Maryann, I am now officially registered for the Run Rabbit Run 50 miler in Steamboat Springs, CO on September 18th. It's going to be higher, steeper and tree-ier than the Fruita 50. Don't worry, I'll train harder this time. The time limit is 2 hours more gracious than Fruita to accommodate the tougher course.

This course description is taken from the website:

Course Description
The course is a spectacular 50 mile run through the beautiful mountains and fall colors of the Routt National Forest of northern Colorado. The race starts bright and early at the Steamboat Springs ski area (elevation, 6,900 feet) and proceeds up, up, up to Mount Werner (elevation, 10,568 feet) then goes up and down and up and down some more and then across the Continental Divide to Rabbit Ears Mountain (elevation, 10,500 feet) before heading back and way down to the ski area.

The course will have nearly 9,000 feet of climbing. This course will test the endurance and spirit of any runner, whether you’re a tortoise or a hare.

Elevation Profile & Course Map
The Run Rabbit Run course is very much like life, in that there are many, many little and not so little ups and downs in between the obvious highs and lows. Be prepared. Any resemblance between the course profile and rabbit ears is purely coincidental.

My training plan will consist of more miles in the mountains and lots of time spent at high altitude on Pike's Peak. I will do back to back long runs to get my legs used to running tired. I also need to come up with an injury prevention plan. I have recently discovered ice baths for recovery. Not pleasant, but pretty effective. I have started strength/weight training which will hopefully make me stronger and help prevent injuries. I promise to be more proactive with my stretches, to not only do them when something is already bothering me. And I'm changing up my race nutrition plan to the liquid/gel diet. I'm going to try Hammer products first and see how my system handles it, then I'll go from there.

Can't wait to start training officially. Send healthy, injury-free vibes my way!


Bethany said...

OMG!!! That's awesome...I'm sooo jealous!! I can't wait to hear about your training!

Anna said...

yipppe! go Marny.

Laura said...

Wow! That 50 miler sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear more about your training as you get closer to it, it sounds like a beautiful course too, very exciting!

tara said...

sweet goodness girl, you are nuts, I LOVE IT!!!! That course looks brutal but awesome at the same time. woooo hooo

Tricia said...


MCM Mama said...

How cool! Sounds like an awesome race!

Brian said...

I can't wait to spent a few days in STEAMBOAT SPRINGS!!! This is going to be word up!

jill said...

very cool, marny! when you want to do something, you do it in style! for your 3rd 50 miles, you should do it at sea level somewhere flat - i bet you'd run it in like 3 hours!

Tracey Kite said...

Holy Cow girl, that course sounds crazy. You truly are hardcore, I am impressed!!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

god bless ya and those 50 milers! i'll be rootin' for ya from the bloggy sidelines;-)

i do think specific strength training will def help too.

and let us know how you like the hammer stuff. i found it to be too much for my system.

Anonymous said...

Wow- signed up for another one already!! You are an incredible runner and writer- there is a book in the makings here. Lots of inspiration! When I am complaining about the hills on this next half marathon, I will think of what 50 must have felt like and drive on!! Love, MOM

Brian said...

Did I mention that I'm super stoked to ride my bike and spend time with my family in STEAMBOAT SPRINGS!!!

Paula (Adventure Junkie Mom) said...

Marny, AWESOME!! I cannot wait to follow your training for this. Sounds amazing.
Have you heard of this race? http://transrockies.com/transrockiesrun/transrockies/reg_main.htm
My friend sent me the link today, to see if I would be interested for the 2011.
Happy training Ultra-Girl!!

Lindsay said...

YOU go girl that sounds AMAZING:)