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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Balance: I learn as I go...

I just wrapped up my first Rest Week of ultra-training. Apparently I forgot to do the "rest" part. Well, not really. I kept my mileage low (only did 25) but I also did a speed workout earlier this week and lifted weights yesterday. I did a Rare Crossfit workout and then some kettlebell swings and now I'm feeling quite sore! So tomorrow is my regularly scheduled rest day, but then I will head into a 55 mile week with already sore legs. Ugh!

So how do you do it? We know that cross-training, yoga, foam rolling and weight-lifting are all elements of training that will make us strong and prevent injuries, but how do you fit all that in when you're a regular Joe Schmoe with a job, a kid and a mortgage? How do you work all that into the schedule when you're not a professional athlete?

Well, weightlifting during Rest Week is out for me, so here's what I'm going to do: I will try to get in just ONE Crossfit workout per week, though two would be better. I will schedule just ONE day of yoga, because it's better than the zero days of yoga I am currently managing. And I will keep my Monday spin class that I feel obligated to attend with my friends OPTIONAL, skipping it when my legs need the break since Monday is my Day Off. And I will NOT watch TV unless my foam roller is UNDER my IT band causing marginal discomfort. There. New Year's Resolutions done.

Here's to a year of balance. Oh, and moms- you know what I mean by "yoga" right? Not that peaceful, enlightening, moving-into-yourself BS that we hear about. I mean striking a pose when your toddler is distracted by his Legos on the other side of the room. Peace is relative, right?

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Anne Marie said...

Cool to find your blog- I'm on the Cafemom crew, more on the triathlon side of it;)
Go blogger! love the blog title pic