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The finish line is a shifty Thing and what is life, but reckoning?
Ani DiFranco

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

running break

I haven't been running. I plan to start on Monday, when all of my nagging injuries will magically disappear. I've been doing a pretty good job of not going crazy. I've been working, playing guitar, crossfitting, and riding a lot! Well, a lot for me anyway. I went on a really fun mountain bike ride on Sunday with people from work. It caused a fight with my husband who had plans that I ruined, but I have to say it was damn worth it! I've been going to the new Criterium ride center on Fridays (when my husband is there working) and riding the Santa Fe Trail with Jonas in the Chariot. It's fun but man, I'm so out of shape on the bike! We stopped to play at the playground at Palmer Lake last Friday. It is quite the scenic playground!

We had a schizophrenic, crack-head neighbor ( I know, what a combination, right?!) who was finally "escorted" out of the neighborhood by the police because his girlfriend had had enough. Now there is a permanent restraining order and all the neighbors are free to come outside and socialize without their lives being threatened. It is nice to see people on their porches smiling again. That's how summer should be. There are a few things I will miss about Schizophrenic Crack-Head Jerry. The way he used to cumpulsively hose down his driveway for an hour every afternoon. The police siren noises he would make, amplified by a megaphone while my kid was napping. The narrating of the neighborhood happenings in his auctioneer voice, also amplified by said megaphone. The random threats and accusations. The way he would call the police on you if he caught you looking in his general direction. Those are things I just don't think I'll ever get with any other neighbor. Oh well.

I wish I could write about running or training for something. Some positive things about a running break: My guitar is getting daily workouts. It's amazing, the things you realize you've neglected when you can't run. My house is clean. I'm painting the living room and kitchen tomorrow. I'm very close to getting around to painting the dragon/castle mural in Jonas' room, which I drew about 6 months ago. I might not be happy, but I'm productive! Breaks can be good.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're finding things to keep yourself busy, at least! Hope to see said dragon mural too ;) Hang in there, you'll find your way back to running soon, I'm sure! Heal quickly!!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Way to stay busy! I just started running again after several weeks off due to an arch problem. It felt great to start again and I'm sure I'm okay because I was patient.

Bethany said...

Yay for keeping busy!! And it's too bad you lost out on your neighborhood entertainment, but at least you can safely enjoy the outdoors this summer...LOL :)

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

I believe i missed your post that you're injured. wah! not fun at all. i was just diagnosed w/a heel spur and really haven't ran for ~1 mo. But my house is still dirty and the guitar is still in it's case in the corner of the living room;-)

and i can't believe your neighbor! or x-neighbor story!